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Win an IPOD Shuffle! Prize Draw for Landlords

David Boyd Feb 4, 2010, 19:38 PM

We recently did a promotion to attract tenants to move into any of our empty properties before Christmas by offering them a free Ipod shuffle. There is still a few Ipods remaining and we are offering these to our landlords if they take part in our simple general knowledge quiz and answer these questions correctly.

Here are the questions.

1. Who is Harry Potters enemy at Hogwarts?

2. Calpe was the former name of which place in Europe. France, Gibraltar, Jersey or Venice?

3. What country  does  the detective Poirot  originate  from?

4. What is the capital of Australia?

5. From which country does Ouzo come from?

6. In music what term is used to describe three or more notes played simultaneously?

7.Who wrote the Hounds of the Baskervilles?

8. What is the name of the garment worn by many Islamic woman which covers the entire body?

9. An island of the Whitsundays shares its name with a fictional sea Captain. Here is a choice Nemo, Ahab, Hook, Simbad?

10. What is the currency of Vietnam?

While we have your attention if you can provide us with any comments on our service we would be grateful. We will not be offended by any suggestions and we may even adopt these improvements if they are viable!

Please send your completed quiz by email ([email protected]) or post to PAD4U at 834 Stockport Road M19 3AW and the correct answers will be put into a draw which will take place on 22rd February and the successful winners will be notified by email or post . The correct answers will be published in our March newsletter along with the name of the winning landlords (staff and family are not allowed to enter the competition!).

Have fun and good luck!

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