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999 Calls - Only For Emergencies

David Boyd Mar 30, 2010, 11:48 AM

Alaine Bradbury, Estates Manager, PAD4U Letting Agents Manchester writes:

Please only call 999 if you have a real life emergency, if yours or someone else's life is in immediate danger!

Recently 999 Crews have reported that they are struggling to attend to critically ill patients because of the volume of 999 calls. The north west ambulance service this year failed to meet targets and reach people with life threatening conditions within 8 munities.

There are many widely reported calls from 999 that needn't have been reported such as, A female caller has dialed 999 to report a grey squirrel with no hazelnut trees, A male caller has dialed 999 to complain about the lack of buses in Crow Lane, A male caller has dialed 999 to ask for our help in getting home and A female caller has dialed 999 to report an injured pigeon.

We have also noted that many tenants have been contacting the emergency services for maintenance issues. We must urge you to consider if your maintenance issue is a urgent life and death matter. Something like having no electric to the upstairs of your house isn't life or death, if you can wait until the next working day and contact pad4u we will attend as soon as possible.

Other things such as water leaks and burst pipes can also be dealt with easily, you should turn off your stop tap and re locate to another room in the house until you can contact pad4u to attend.

For all urgent and non urgent maintenance requests a general guide can be found in your welcome pack, or we can provide you with a copy via email just drop us a line,

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