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When is the best time to sell your home?

Ian Watson Mar 12, 2014, 13:18 PM
There is absolutely no doubt that 2014 is a completely different property market to 2013.  The start of the year came alive with buyers in abundance looking for a new start.  Why this sudden surge happened is hard to pin point, but love it or hate it, the governments help to buy scheme certainly had an impact. If you are looking to sell your home, now is the time to get it on the market. Spring leading into summer has historically been the busiest for sales.  Family buyers long to be settled in their new home for the start of the new term. Is this this best time?  Arguably yes, but more importantly, when is the best time for you?
Remember selling your home is not just a decision you make with your head; you need to be certain in your heart.  Emotionally getting yourself ready for sale can be difficult with so many memories wrapped up within your four walls.  Getting emotionally ready means you are able to detach from the status quo and look at your property with buyers eyes.  You are able to criticize your interior decisions and make choices that will put your property in thebest position to sell.  Are you ready? When you have emotionally detached from your home (or are working on it) it’s time to prepare.  You may have come across the term ‘home staging’, this is turning your home into a house for sale.  You are not selling a home you are selling a lifestyle that your buyers want.  Remember presenting your home is not all about what is on the inside, your outside spaces are just as important.  Does your house have kerb appeal?  When you approach your house, is it welcoming? Is it looking the best on the street?It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint, lots of de-cluttering, cleaning and tidying can do.  Another tip is to ensure that each room is dressed for the purpose it is entailed e.g. a bedroom should be a bedroom.  When you start to prepare your home for sale, finding room for everything and creating a show-home look may not work.  Think about alternative storage solutions for things you don’t need before the move, such as hiring a storage unit. Buyers are more clued up today than they have ever been, they want to walk into a house and feel like they are at home.  They don’t want to try and imagine themselves in spaces that are over personalised, cluttered and where rooms  have no identity.   When you have emotionally detached yourself from your home, creating a house for sale is so much easier.Buyers are looking for a new home, but are you ready to sell?
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