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How your Garden can help Sell your House

Ian Watson Mar 13, 2014, 14:40 PM

Family of parents and two sons outside their new family home - with their cat.

When trying to sell your house, it is easy to focus on the main event which of course is the house! However the garden can be a great attraction to buyers but can also be a big turn off. A little thought into the presentation of your garden might just make or break that sale!

Pulling up at a house with an immaculate garden will appeal to potential buyers. Not only will it create a good first impression but will also give a good impression of what the inside of the house is like. If your garden is untidy and unloved, it would be easy to assume that inside the house is the same.

  1. Cut the grass and prune bushes. This is a quick and easy fix and takes minimal effort.
  2. Clean the Patio. A few hours with the jet washer can make a big difference.
  3. Tidy up! Pop the kid’s toys in the shed, you want to appeal to all types of buyers. Those with or without kids.
  4. Spruce up the front of your house with a couple of containers. Again, a quick and easy fix that has maximum effect.
  5. Plant some colour. If you have flower beds plant something colourful to make these areas attractive.
  6. For the more green fingered, you perhaps need to think about the maintenance of your garden. Although you might fancy yourself as the next Alan Titchmarsh, this is not necessarily the case for everyone! Having said that, a vegetable patch neatly presented might appeal to people or inspire!
  7. If you have large trees in your garden, ensure they are well kept and trimmed. This could potentially be off putting to people so you could consider (where possible) having them removed. This may seem drastic, but if they hinder the front of your property, they will distract from the house and block light from the inside of the house.
  8. These days lots of people are looking for outside living space. You can go mad with fire pits, outside kitchens and patio heaters, however, a neatly presented BBQ  with seating area will allow people to envisage themselves on that hot summers evening with a glass of wine!
  9. Garden ornaments. Not everyone might have your love of garden gnomes, plastic deers or bird baths! De-cluttering the outside of your house is just as important as the inside.
  10. Invasive plants. Knowledgeable buyers might be put off by plants that have an ability to get out of control. Especially if they have the potential to uproot patios or attract pests.

It is worthwhile to think about all aspects of your home when trying to sell. Gardens are often important to buyers, maximise what you have for that all important kerb appeal!

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