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Easy Steps to increase the value of your home.

Ian Watson Jun 13, 2014, 09:47 AM

Easy Steps

When looking to sell your property, you are obviously going to want to get the best price you can for it! Even if you’re not looking to sell, adding value to your home is never a bad thing.  Here are a few easy ways to maximise your house’s potential!

De Clutter. Having a good old fashioned clear out can help you to see any problem areas in your house. A cluttered and disrupted house is unappealing to potential buyers. Too many personal belongings can also be off putting to people viewing the property. People like to imagine their own belongings in a house and removing them for the period the house is on the market will help with this. It will also make the pictures your agent uses to market your property more attractive!

Kerb appeal. Many people decide if they are serious about purchasing a property before they even get out of the car, so it’s important that the exterior of your house and the garden are well kept and attractive. Simple things like keeping your grass cut and hedges trimmed will instantly give your house a lift. Many potential buyers are likely to be reluctant to make an offer if they see a lot of work to do on a property. Giving the exterior of your house a lick of paint and ensuring roof tiles and gutters are all in good repair and well maintained maybe prudent.

Installing new fixtures and fittings is a relatively inexpensive way of giving your house a facelift. New light switches and fittings can modernise a room. Adding extra plug sockets in these days of ever advancing technology could also be attractive to potential buyers.

Make it lighter! Natural light and a bright and airy feel are important! Especially if you are trying to sell in the winter. Clean windows, install bright energy efficient light bulbs and go neutral with your decoration.  If you are really going for it adding skylights or patio doors onto the garden will create a feeling of space as well as a bright room.

Carpets and Flooring.  An easy quick fix to freshen a room is to have the carpets cleaned. There is nothing more unappealing than a filthy carpet. If you have wooden floors a sand and varnish will smarten them up. If a potential buyer thinks they will need to replace these items, they could reflect this in any offer they might be considering.

Go Green. These days making your house as energy efficient as possible is ever more important. So much so that many estate agents will actually rate your house’s “greenness” and use this as a marketing tool. Although this may sound expensive there are relatively cheap options that can help improve the energy efficiency of your home.  Purchasing loft insulation and installing it yourself, replacing light bulbs with energy efficient versions and ensuring roof tiles and gutters are well maintained will all make a difference. Although the outlay of replacing your boiler may seem daunting, this will probably add more value to your house that it actually costs to do it.

Dress your house.  Give your bathroom that “hotel style” feeling buy replacing the shower curtain, buying a new bath mat and having fresh and fluffy towels in abundance. Put a fresh duvet cover on the bed and dress your windows with clean and contemporary curtains. Ensure the kitchen is clean and tidy, and hide dirty laundry!

Finally, don’t be tempted to over spend in the hope that you will re-coup costs when you sell. There is likely to be a ceiling price for your house and while comparing your property with others in the neighbourhood is wise, out pricing your property against others in the area could come back to haunt you.

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