Rent on time, every time

Never miss a rent payment again, our unique Rent-On-Time scheme,
designed by Landlords for Landlords

Frequently asked questions

Initially for the first 6 months tenancy, but can renewed after the fixed period for 6 months or 12 months as per the tenancy. There is no limit on how often you can renew the guarantee. 
The guarantee covers you until your tenant vacates. Peter Anthony will find a new tenant free of charge within your initial 6 months.
Once your new tenant has moved in, we will let you know your payment date. This is the day (or next working day) that we will pay your rent each month.
All rent during the term of the tenancy, court and legal costs (up £25,000) that may be incurred if the tenant is to be evicted from the property. A solicitor will be provided to attend court and you do not need to attend if you prefer not to.
Nothing. We offer this completely free for managed tenancies for the inital 6 months. If you wish to renew after this period it costs no more than other agencies renewal fees (£85+VAT).
Most other schemes will charge you for this service.
Most other schemes may offer Rent Guarantee but do not cover all 6 months of the tenancy (many only cover 4/5 months).
Most other schemes offer a Rent Guarantee, but will not pay your Rent on Time whilst a claim is being made which can take months to complete.
Northwood offer a Rent on Time scheme, but will only pay you a proportion of your market rent.
Peter Anthony pay you the full market rent, with regular rent reviews and only charge our usual management fees for managing your property.
- 30 years of experience and comprehensive referencing ensure we do not make mistakes.
- Our financial strength means we set aside significant reserves to ensure landlords are paid on time.
- We take out appropriate insurance to manage our risks.
- We collect rents via Direct Debits which give us far more control over rent payments

Direct Debit Large

Our rent payments are made via Direct Debit offering us much more control and information than other agencies.