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Is your Property Insured?

David Boyd Sep 3, 2010, 17:05 PM

I have currently been dealing with a few properties which have been broken into or vandalised over the last few months and those words never like to be heard by any Landlord. Although we aim to reduce void periods between tenancies these are the vunerable times which can attract burglers.

So ask yourself..........why do I need Insurance?

Buying and renting a property is the biggest investment you will make and protecting your investment should be your main priority.

Insurance can offer buildings cover, protection against fire, floods and lightning events and even the contents within, some insurance covers loss of rent. In some cases where a property has been damaged to the point where it is inhabitable, Landlords insurance would cover the costs to repair the damages as well as compensate the Landlord for loss of rent collected during the repairs but please check with your own insurance cover or the insurance you intend to take out as every cover differs.

Things to think about...........

Alarm Systems - If your property comes with an alarm, make sure it is operational so your tenants can make full use of it or PAD4U can set the alarm during void periods.

Locks - All final exit doors should be fitted with a 5-lever mortice lock or equivelant conforming to BS3621 standards even adding extra sliding bolts can be a bonus as well as having a 5-lever lock.

Window Locks - All ground floor windows should be fitted with a key-operated window lock. Breaking a window is usually a burglers last resort as this will attract unwanted attention.

Padlocks - It is advisable to have a padlock fitted to gates when located at the rear of the property to prevent people from walking into rear yards or gardens, this is why most terrace properties have high walls and sturdy 6ft timber gates.

Donna Weetman

Building & Development Manager

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