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Student lets - the Summer break

Rebecca Galgut Aug 8, 2017, 07:56 AM


The summer has now begun which means that student properties may be sitting empty until September. With Fallowfield and Rusholme house prices on the up, we’re looking at how can you keep your property on top this summer!

It’s that time of year again where students are leaving South Manchester and Salford in their droves and won’t be back until September. They’ll say goodbye to their friends and their temporary homes, but the job for you, the landlord of that home, is not quite done.

As with many student heavy areas, the M14 postcode is very popular, with property value up at +1.54%. Depending on quality and location of the property, the rent is on average £80 per room, per week (Min. £60 – Max £120). How can you make the best of this situation?

1.Security over the summer

This summer you should think about your property’s security and if it can be upgraded, as now is the time of year that criminals look out for empty properties. Everybody knows that students move back home over summer which means that your property that could be full of white goods and student belongings could be a prime target! The best way to tackle this is to have evidence that somebody is still living there, whether this is a student actually staying for the summer or just some lights on a timer, even installing an alarm system will help to deter burglars. You should also keep an eye on your property by visiting 2-4 times a fortnight to check for any markings on the walls or doors that burglars may user to identify your property as a target.


Unfortunately, with students leaving at several different times and busily cleaning up and packing, many unwanted items are left for the landlord to deal with. Because of this, Manchester students and the universities have started to run initiatives to dispose of waste correctly – their Give It Don’t Bin It scheme achieved over £230,000 of donations to the British Heart Foundation and 2000 meals for the food bank just last year. A solution, so that this won’t happen to you, would be to visit them shortly before check out to discuss how you expect the property to be left as well as providing information for future tenants. If you’re still left with recyclable or reusable items, then donating them to the British Heart Foundation can go a long way.


The summer is the perfect time to sort out any minor issues with the property. For example, if there are any cracks in wooden surfaces, try using a good wood filler and a sanded and varnished finish, and for carpet stains, try a highly effective Rug Doctor. A good lick of paint can never go amiss.


The worst thing to do is to ignore the garden until September comes and then realise that you now have a completely overgrown garden. It’s best to keep on top of it and mow it regularly for great results – and great photo opportunities! One solution to a more manageable and less time-consuming garden could be a gravel grounding with some potted plants. 

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