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Changing Skyline of Stockport Property Market

Rebecca Galgut Jun 28, 2018, 14:09 PM

There have been substantial changes in Stockport of late but there may be major developments to come with respect to the Stockport skyline. This is because plans have been submitted for a 22-storey tower which will bring 184 apartments to the tow centre. This will change the skyline of Stockport and it could alter many people’s perspectives about the town. At Peter Anthony, we firmly believe that Stockport is on the up and this would be a visual representation of that.

The new building is set to stand at 66m tall. This will see it tower above Pendlebury Towers and Hanover Towers, both of which are 61 m tall. These buildings were built in 1968 and 1969 respectively, so there hasn’t been a change of this scale in the Stockport skyline for the best part of 50 years, which means that the new plans are quite exciting and interesting.

This is a building which will set the standard in Stockport

With respect to more modern buildings, the tallest building of note would be The Pyramid. This building was completed in 1992 and stands at 36 metres. This is the equivalent of 12 storeys, so you can see why the new building will have plenty of room to tower over this project.

This new development is just one factor in why some people are tipping Stockport to be one of the leading living spots. There is scope for 3,000 homes to be developed on six sites across the town, with the local council providing the Town Centre Living Framework. The Greater Manchester region has seen Manchester and Salford hailed as fantastic areas to live, with property increasing in both areas, and there is hope that Stockport will be the next option that follows suit.

A shining star to grace the Stockport skyline

The company behind the 22-storey development is Urbanize Homes, who hail from Altrincham. This new development will be located on the car park area at Piccadilly, which was previously occupied by Greenhale House. There are plenty of people getting excited by the development with marketing references indicating that the project will be “a shining new star gracing the Stockport skyline” and “sets the tone for the future expansion of Stockport”.

Urbanize will work alongside Spazio, an architect firm from Manchester, with the plan being to introduce luxury duplex apartments on the upper floors of the building while also providing nine units at an affordable price. There is a great kudos in the development of what is set to become the tallest building in South Manchester and it will surely see high demand.

There is a great deal of excitement about Stockport property these days and the Town Centre Living Framework, which is set to be published in June, has a crucial role to play in the development of the town. With 40 acres set to be transformed to the west of Stockport town centre, it is hoped that the new corridor running alongside the River Mersey and near to the Railway Station will reinforce the fact that Stockport is the place to be in the present day.

At Peter Anthony, we are delighted to say these are exciting times in the Stockport property market, and we look forward to helping you make your next move in the town.

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