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Stockport: What To Do If Your House Isn’t Attracting Buyers

Ian Watson Dec 16, 2018, 08:34 AM
Stockport vendors

Most vendors are aware that selling your home is difficult and that there are many parts of the process. One of the most important processes is attracting people to your home because if you don’t get prospective buyers to notice your home, you will never sell your home. Therefore, if your house isn’t attracting buyers, you have a problem you must attend to.

At Peter Anthony, we are pleased to say we have helped many homeowners in Stockport sell their home. We know the local market, we know local buyers and we know how to connect your home with these buyers.

The following tips are key steps in attracting buyers to your home:

  1. Ensure your property has a correct valuation

  2. Consider more sales channels

  3. Set-up an open day for your home

  4. Discuss the importance of features of the local area

  5. Choose the best agent for your needs

Ensure your property has a correct valuation

One of the most crucial factors in obtaining attention and awareness from buyers is pricing your property in the correct manner. If you price your property at too high a price, people will not have any interest in your home. If you price your property at too low a price, you will generate interest, but you will lose out on money.

Therefore, it makes sense to hire a professional to evaluate your home and then use their findings as the basis for the price of your home.

Consider more sales and promotional channels

If you aren’t attracting buyers, are you using the right promotional or sales channels? There are many ways that you can sell your home, and you need to reach out to the right people in the right manner.

You should be proactive on social media when it comes to promoting your home and if you want to consider all your options when it comes to selling your home, look online and offline. It isn’t an option that is suitable for everyone, but even an option like selling at auction may provide you with a further chance to sell your property.

Set-up an open day for your home

When it comes to generating interest and encouraging more people to take an interest in your property, you will find that an open day can be of great benefit. Some people may not want to see your home on a one to one basis, but they will have an interest in viewing the home in a more casual manner.

An open day for your home is a wonderful way to generate interest and when prospective buyers see other people with an interest in the home, they may also decide to formalise an interest in the property.

Discuss the importance of features of the local area

When you sell your home, you also sell the local area. At Peter Anthony, we are specialists in the Stockport property market, and we are pleased to say we have helped many people sell their home. A part of this is because we promote the local area, the community and what is on offer, in addition to your home.

Choose the best agent for your needs

There may be times when your home is attractive, but your choice of estate agent is letting you down. Not all agents are the same, and if you call on Peter Anthony, we will do everything we can to help you sell your home.

If you are struggling to attract interest in your home, come and speak with the Stockport specialists and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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