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Will Metrolink Improve Stockport?

Ian Watson Aug 29, 2019, 10:34 AM
Transport options make a town more appealing, and Stockport has a lot going for it.

It is sometimes hard to keep up with the pace of change and development in Stockport. The town centre is evolving, and there is news of developments regularly. There is a lot to be excited about over live in Stockport, but it is not as though this is a new thing.

The sum of money involved with development work in Stockport is a new thing as is the scope of ambition shown by the local council. However, Stockport has long had a great community spirit. Also, when it comes to connectivity to the heart of Manchester, Stockport has long been an ideal destination for commuters.

While many people live in Stockport because of what Stockport has to offer, many people take a more comprehensive view. With a city the size of Manchester on the doorstep, it is inevitable many people live in Stockport looking for the best of both worlds. A simple commute ensures that living in Stockport is convenient for many people, while the town offers the chance to enjoy sociable time without venturing into Manchester at night.

Join up your journey

The train links between Manchester and Stockport are suitable for most people. If you time the trip right, you can go from town centre to city centre in less time than it takes to drip your morning coffee and skim through the free newspaper you receive at the station.

Many people also find the bus link between Manchester and Stockport to be convenient and affordable. You should also consider there is a cheap and convenient night time bus service so if you do stay out in Manchester city centre until the early hours; you can make it back to Stockport with a minimum of fuss and effort.

Therefore, homebuyers already appreciate the transport links between Manchester and Stockport. This viewpoint may mean some people don’t think Stockport needs a Metrolink to the heart of Manchester. Yes, there are plenty of options already in place, but new opportunities could bring further benefits.

Stockport can take great strides forward

There is scope for improvements to be made regarding the transport interchange in Stockport. Plans are in place, but in addition to improving the bus service, and bus station, consider the impact of creating a tram link too. This addition offers confidence, it can create employment, and it can enhance the appearance of the town centre.

Given the level of development taking place in Stockport, it makes sense to incorporate this link now, creating a unified style to the new-look town centre.

Another factor that creates an argument for the Metrolink in Stockport is that it will help to join up journeys. While many commuters head to the heart of Manchester, this is often not the end of their trip.

It is likely many Stockport residents head to Manchester on train or bus, and then conclude their journey on the Metrolink. Joining up these journeys on the same mode of transport helps people to plan better, they may save money, and it also makes life much more convenient.

Given the reputation that surrounds Manchester and rain, creating fewer walking requirements in a journey is a smart idea.

If you want to stay in touch with the latest Stockport property news, contact Peter Anthony, and we’ll be happy to help.

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