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Renters stay, on average, 18 months in their rental homes

TomS - Head Tom Simper Jun 4, 2021, 12:00 PM

Renters stay, on average, 18 months in their rental homes, 6 months longer than the average length of lease that they sign up for (12 months).

Older renters are likely to stay in their rental homes for longer and there is a steady upward trend in tenancy length by age bracket. Those in their 40s stay twice as long as those in their 20s. Meanwhile, 10% of moving renters had been in their previous home for 5 or more years.

Using Dataloft Rental Market Analytics data, we have been able to investigate average length of stay of moving renters (renters starting new tenancies and previously living in rented accommodation).

Source: Dataloft Rental Market Analytics, using median to calculate average.

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