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Liverpool Property – Investment Strategy Unveiled

Gill - Head Gillian Bell May 31, 2019, 10:08 AM

There has been a lot of development work in Liverpool in recent years, transforming the city and creating new opportunities. However, there is scope for so much more to be completed in the city, and it is pleasing to know that further development plans are in place. It is unlikely there will be universal approval for development plans, but it's likely there is enough support to make sure Liverpool continues to improve and develop.

The City Council cabinet in Liverpool has met to approve the proposed Commercial Property Investment Fund plan. If approved, this could lead to an initial £50m provided for rent-generating property in the city. The first half of this money is expected to come from Public Works Loan Board borrowing, and the remaining half is likely to come from capital receipts.

Local authorities have many decisions to make

Stephen Kirk is the report author of the strategy while also being the Head of Commercial Property Investment. Stephen released a statement, saying; "The CPIF Strategy has nothing to do with local operational and/or regeneration property investment or treasury management. It is about taking advantage of the council's low cost of borrowing and investing for the long term in low-risk commercial property assets to generate financial returns, which can then be used to support the ongoing provision of essential services."

The fund in Liverpool is expected to be used for pre-existing stock as opposed to the development of capital. However, while there is an opportunity for much more growth in the heart of Liverpool, this funding will be utilised across the country.

Several local authorities in recent years have taken this approach as a way of generating income and bringing in future investment. Creating an investment portfolio is considered sensible for local authorities, with Warrington recognised as one of the leading authorities in this field.

For the Liverpool funds, there is a commitment to spend no more than 25%  in a single town or city and to spend no more than 35% in a single region.

Strengthening long-term options in the city is positive

In the grand scheme of things, if the City Council can generate more income, it will have greater freedom to support the community in years to come. However, it is inevitable that many people will question whether more is possible in the local area.

There is a robust economic argument which suggests investing in your local area stimulates growth. There are also many economic arguments which oppose this view, but a lot of people would prefer to see more housing developments, and affordable rental options, presented in Liverpool.

There is no denying Liverpool is changing, and there are many new developments adding positivity to a range of communities. It is essential that the city capitalises on opportunities, and allows more people to feel at home.

If you are looking to make a move in Liverpool, or you want to stay informed with local property developments, contact Peter Anthony, and we will ensure you remain up to date.

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