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Why home staging could help you sell your house, fast.

Ian Watson Jun 16, 2017, 10:29 AM


When selling your home, there are a number of aims that you may find important. Some people will be looking to obtain the best possible price for their property whereas other people will be focused on selling in the shortest time. It may be that focusing on one aim will require a trade-off in the other factor but this doesn’t have to be the case. Ideally, the home would be sold quickly and for the best possible price. It can be difficult to achieve this but home staging could help you sell your house, fast.

Staging a property is more than just cleaning and clearing a home or redecorating some rooms. Staging provides a home with a sense of identity that makes it more attractive to potential buyers, which should hopefully speed up the selling process.

Staging sells homes

A very good example of the benefits of staging is seen in the volume of new builds that are presented as a lived-in property. It would be easier for the developers and sellers to present the homes completely bare but they don’t, because the selling process is improved when there is furniture and a sense of style about a property.

There is an argument that many homeowners don’t have a vision when it comes to seeing a home. Offering a blank home can be overwhelming for some people, offering too many opportunities or offering nothing. Conversely, a home that is too busy or packed full of personal memories for the owner will also be a difficult sell.

There is a need to find balance when presenting a property to the marketplace

This means that there needs to be a balance between empty properties and cluttered properties, which is where staging comes in. Hiring a professional to present a property in the most effective manner increases the chances of potential buyers admiring your home and picturing themselves living in it. While some property owners may baulk at the idea of paying someone to present their property, the results speak for themselves. There are many ways property owners can invest money in their property to improve its value and attractiveness to a potential buyer.

With the changing nature of technology impacting on property sales, staging can also tie in with the visual representation of homes on online property portals. When creating a video walkthrough of a home, there is a need to create a flow that allows people to move easily from one to another. Staging the property increases the chances of creating a unified sense of style in a home while drawing people in, leaving them wanting to explore the home more.

There are various statistics which indicate a staged property is more attractive to buyers when viewed on a property portal. This is the most competitive area of the property market so anything which helps a home stand out from the rest of the marketplace is a smart idea, which is why staging is appealing to sellers.

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