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Green, green grass of homes

Dewi Dewi Jones Jun 1, 2023, 10:00 AM

Gardens are integral to British life and are found in 97% of houses in Great Britain. 

Garden size holds increasing importance, with many homeowners opting for garden offices as a way of expanding their living space to create dedicated ‘work from home’ areas.

Regional disparities in garden sizes are evident, with the South East boasting the largest average size at 422m², while London has the smallest at 201m².

Recent research highlights a substantial 39% price difference per square foot between homes with the largest and smallest gardens. This emphasises the value and desirability of generous outdoor spaces in today's market. Source: #Dataloft, ONS, Ordnance Survey (2020), Savills (2023).

Gardens are usually associated with houses but 66% of flats in Great Britain have access to some private outdoor space.

On average, flats have access to 357.8 square metres of private outdoor space which is usually shared and can consist of gardens, patios, terraces etc.

With space in London at a premium, the average private outdoor space is only 172.8 square metres – more than half the size of outdoor spaces in the South East (502.4 square metres).

Some may see shared gardens as a negative because they prefer their peace and quiet but they also offer great opportunities to socialise with neighbours and you have the added benefit of not having to do the gardening! Source: Dataloft ONS, Ordnance Survey (2020), Savills (2023).

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