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Historic Stockport Pub To Become Flats

Rebecca Galgut Jun 28, 2018, 13:58 PM
The changing nature of the Stockport property market means some familiar buildings will receive a new lease of life.

Life is not always straightforward, and you will often that situations arise that cause people some conflict. In Stockport, most people would agree that there is a need for more property. The face of Stockport is evolving rapidly and there is a significant level of demand for property in the area. This is positive news and it should be embraced. However, many people would also prefer for traditional aspects of Stockport life to be retained, but when property plans signify a break from the past, there is a debate to be had.

We all know the passion that people have had for property developments in Stockport of late. The topic of whether greenbelt land should be used to build new homes is very topical these days, and the local council now seem committed to using brown belt areas if they can.

Stockport has fantastic history and tradition

Then again, the fact that one of the oldest pubs in Greater Manchester is making way to allow for property development to take place is a different story! The White Lion, found on the Great Underbank, is a well-known landmark and if walls could talk, you would hear countless fantastic tales of what life in Stockport used to be like. The public house history at this location can be traced back to a licence in the 14th century, and you can see why a lot of people would be interested in backing the pub.

Of course, it is not as though the pub has been in regular use of late and with £2m being ploughed into the development of the venue, it is fair to say that this will be a significant makeover on the premises. Laurus Homes have teamed up with the local council for this project and they look set t bring 11 homes to the area. There are also plans for a ground-floor restaurant to be added at the site, so residents should find that there is also something of interest to them.

New homes and a restaurant being brought to Stockport

The project is scheduled to take around a year, and this will bring 11 duplex apartments to the town. This will help shape the future of Stockport, but it is good to tie into the past. This pub was hugely popular, no doubt partly in thanks to its location close to the only crossing point of the Mersey River. It is said that the pub had space for more than twenty horses in its stables and that the venue was a hot spot for local life, with the town crier making announcements relevant to local life.

It is often difficult to balance the needs of retaining historical charm and striving forward but considering the pub has been empty for some time, this is far from the most challenging decision over Stockport property development.

The fact that the development is set to offer features that will appeal to existing residents is a positive point and this is the sort of venture that ensures more people are looking at the Stockport property market with interest.

If you are looking at the Stockport market, make sure you contact Peter Anthony and we will be more than happy to assist you with whatever move you want to make.

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