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Stockport Life: Town Hosts Coolest Restaurant In Britain

Rebecca Galgut Jun 28, 2018, 14:00 PM
What is on offer in local life impacts on the property market and Stockport has a lot to offer right now.

There are many numerous factors that impact on demand for property in a certain area and what people think about local life. As an estate agent, we are keen to stay in touch with all the varied factors that impact on the local property market and as a Stockport company that takes immense pride in the local area, we want to stay in touch with what is popular in the town. Therefore, we’re delighted, and intrigued, to learn that a restaurant in Stockport has been classed as the coolest restaurant in Britain.

We all know that Stockport has been evolving of late and there are many cool or trendy locations to visit. If you love craft beer, there are many places where you can enjoy a pint of something new and invigorating and the dining scene in the local area has improved significantly too. It is the dining culture in Stockport that received a huge boost from a feature in the Telegraph where a renowned food critic from the USA said Where The Light Gets In was a stunning restaurant that was the obvious choice of all the restaurants he had visited in Greater Manchester and across the country.

Stockport restaurant has received many rave reviews

Steve Plotnicki had been sampling restaurants across the Greater Manchester region and it was the one in Stockport that made him stop and pay credit to what was on offer. Of course, this is nothing new for this restaurant which has received a considerable amount of praise in recent times. This is a restaurant that regularly features in the Top 10 lists of dining venues in the UK and with a host of five-star reviews to fall back on, people know that they are in for a good night when they visit here.

While excellent quality restaurants may not be the first aspect you consider when looking for a place to stay, it is understandable that it will impact on what a buyer is looking for. The quality, condition, size and price of a property are all crucial factors and if these aren’t appealing to a buyer, it is difficult to make a sale. However, it is the surrounding areas, the features and what is on offer in local life that will make a difference when a buyer intends to make an offer on a property.

Local facilities impact on property market

Being located close to a fantastic restaurant may not be enough to persuade someone to buy a house by itself but when there are tremendous restaurants, appealing bars, a fine selection of shops, reliable transport options, good schools and a positive atmosphere, people will be keen to live in an area. There is also the fact that reviews of this nature in a national newspaper may help to persuade more people to consider Stockport as an option.

It can be easy to develop an opinion of towns in Greater Manchester but the evolution of Stockport in recent times has moved it away from lazy stereotypes.  With fantastic connections to the heart of Manchester and improving links to Manchester Airport, Stockport has a lot to offer for many people.

When it comes to finding property in the town that hosts the coolest restaurant in Britain, make sure you call on Peter Anthony for support and guidance.

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