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Stockport Vendors: Four Things That Ruin A Property Sale – And How To Avoid Them

Ian Watson Oct 29, 2018, 08:13 AM

Stockport is a town undergoing a lot of changes now and there are many reasons why people are looking for property in the area. If you are a Stockport homeowner looking to sell your home, this is an appropriate time to be active, but you should be aware of issues that can ruin a property sale. If you are aware of the problems that can cause a property deal to collapse, you are better equipped to avoid them, and at Peter Anthony, we are here to improve your chances of making a quick and effective property sale.

  • Be aware of what causes a property deal to collapse

  • Some of the most common reasons a property deal collapses include:

  • Minor disputes between the buyer and seller

  • Solicitors responding slowly

  • Delays or issues arising in the property chain

  • Buyer’s remorse

When it comes to avoiding minor disputes between you and a prospective buyer, it can be helpful to know what you are willing to negotiate on, and what you will not negotiate on. If there are some aspects that must be included as part of the property deal, then make sure that you get these. However, if there are elements where you are not fussed, or you wouldn’t be too upset at giving away to facilitate a deal, be willing to give them away.

Concluding the deal is the most important aspect of selling your home, so only make an issue of the matters that you must have.

Take steps to please buyers

Having a more relaxed approach can also help you to minimise the likelihood of buyers’ remorse. The more you can give away without compromising the deal for yourself, the more likely it is that the buyer will be pleased with the deal that they receive. It isn’t always possible to remove buyers’ remorse, but you should find that it is possible to make the property deal more attractive to the buyer.

When it comes to solicitors responding slowly, this is all down to your own choice of solicitor. You want to ensure that you select a solicitor that you are happy with, and who comes with good testimonials. This will ensure that you receive a good standard of service, but you’ll also find that a dependable solicitor will keep on top of the other parties’ solicitor, which can help correspondence flow at a reasonable rate.

Take steps to secure the deal

With respect to avoiding problems surrounding collapsing chains, there may not be too much you can do but if you have a choice of buyer, consider them carefully. If the buyer with the highest offer is part of a chain but the second highest offer comes from a first-time buyer who is not part of a chain, you may find it easier to accept their offer. This will reduce the likelihood that the deal will collapse due to problems with a chain.

At Peter Antony, we aim to provide you with the best standard of support and service at all times. If you’re looking to sell your Stockport home, please get in touch.

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