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Manchester Homeowners: Know The Keywords Buyers Are Looking For

Ian Watson Aug 29, 2018, 14:50 PM
It is vital that you reach out to as many prospective buyers as possible, and using keywords is essential.

When it comes to selling your home, the importance of online searches for buyers cannot be overlooked or forgotten. The percentage of prospective buyers who begin their search online is in the high 90s, and even if you are not internet or online savvy yourself, it is vital that you promote your home in the most effective manner. At Peter Antony, we are skilled, confident and experienced about selling homes, so we will ensure you connect with buyers, but we know that many Manchester homeowners like to know more about the promotion process, and we are happy to help.

As you would expect from an industry that is very dependent on online traffic, the main methods of online sales are prominent in the property market. This means keywords have a key role to play in the promotion of homes and ensuring the right buyer finds the right property. Rightmove has reinforced the importance of keywords in the property market and they now offer a keyword search feature for prospective buyers.

Make sure prospective buyers see your home

This allows users to enter terms that they want to see in a property and the results provided by Rightmove will all contain this keyword. If you have a feature at home that appeals to buyers, you can include it in your listings and if this is the term that people search for, your home will be one of the first properties that prospective buyers see. As you can imagine, including the most relevant keywords in your listings is crucial because it makes a difference in connecting with the most likely buyer.

According to Rightmove, the Top 5 keyword search terms used on site so far are:

  • Garages
  • Gardens
  • Swimming pool
  • Homes with a sea view
  • Detached properties

There may not be too many Manchester homeowners who will worry about listing “homes with a sea view” as a prominent feature of their property, but hopefully this list gives you a feel for what buyers are looking for. When you sell your home, it is essential that you know what buyers want to see and when you use these terms, it increases the chances of being found by the right style of buyer.

Quality over quantity when selling your home

One of the most important aspects in reaching out to buyers boils down to quality over quantity. It is far better to reach a smaller number of people who hold a genuine interest in your property than to reach many people who will never consider your home as a suitable option. At Peter Anthony, we understand the importance of keywords and we know what buyers are looking for with Manchester property.

Online property portals and the digital process is a big component of the modern property market. Keywords are a useful tool to have when selling a home and at Peter Anthony, we are here to ensure all Manchester homeowners looking to sell receive all the help they need.

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