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  • Gorton property with potential 7.2% yield!

    Tom Simper Dec 8, 2016, 14:01 PM

    Craig Road, Gorton

    Pictures can be deceiving when looking for potential properties for buy to let. An example is this one on Craig Road in Gorton. From the photos, it looks a bit of a shocker, however there isn’t much wrong with it that a new bathroom, painting, ...

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  • Simple home staging tips for maximum impact

    Ian Watson Dec 7, 2016, 13:51 PM

    helpful tips

    To sell your home effectively, it is vital that you make the effort to present your home in the best manner. This is referred to as staging your home and here are some simple staging tips that will create a maximum impact.

    When you are ...

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  • Average rent paid by Levenshulme and Burnage tenants rise to £768 per month

    Tom Simper Dec 7, 2016, 12:59 PM

    Levenshulme & Burnage

    Back in the Spring, there was a surge in South Manchester landlords buying buy to let property in Levenshulme and Burnage as they tried to beat George Osborne’s new stamp duty changes which kicked in on the 1st April 2016.  To give you an idea ...

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  • Stockport Landlords and Tenants : What does the Tenant Fee Banning order mean for you?

    Tom Simper Nov 24, 2016, 15:18 PM
    • Tenant Fees set to banned within 12 to 18 months
    • Rents due to rise as those fees passed to Landlords
    • Landlords won’t be worse off – and neither will tenants or agents

    With our new Chancellor of the Exchequer revealing a ban on tenant fees ...

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  • Private renting set to grow by 5,900 properties by 2025!

    Tom Simper Nov 23, 2016, 13:25 PM


    I was having a most interesting chat the other day with a Stockport landlord when we were looking at a property. We got talking about the Stockport Property Market and this landlord brought up the subject of a report he had read from the Royal ...

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  • Top Tips – Protecting Your South Manchester & Stockport Property Over Winter

    Tom Simper Nov 2, 2016, 14:35 PM

    Stockport and manchester park in winter

    Well the clocks have now gone back and depressingly it’s getting dark before 5pm in Manchester. The daily morning chore of de-icing the car has started. Winter can be a tough time for everyone – but none more so than for many landlords.

    These colder ...

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  • Best Letting Agent in M19

    Tom Simper Nov 2, 2016, 12:57 PM

    Allagents award 2016

    It is always nice to come in to work and open your emails to good news! This was certainly the case the other day when I received an email from the review site to say we had been awarded best letting agent in M19 for ...

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  • Great Buy to Let property with 7.1% potential yield!

    Tom Simper Oct 19, 2016, 09:23 AM

    Drury Street, Levenshulme, Manchester

    This two-bedroom mid terraced property which is located in a popular area of Levenshulme is offering excellent value for a rental property. With an asking price of £109,950 it is below the stamp duty threshold so for a second property you are not being hit ...

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  • Stockport Property Market in 2017 and Beyond

    Tom Simper Oct 12, 2016, 16:35 PM

    As the trees turn from green to hues of red and brown, the Stockport property market has a confident feel to it. With the underlying fundamentals of a continued lack of properties being built, a shortage of properties (both in terms of quantity and quality) ...

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  • How has Brexit affected the property industry so far?

    Ian Watson Oct 6, 2016, 13:42 PM

    property stand out

    While we await the full outcome of what Brexit means to life in Great Britain, there has been an impact in a number of areas. There have been incidents which have caused people to question or re-examine society but there have been changes in the ...

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  • Great Investment Property 6% Yield

    Tom Simper Oct 5, 2016, 15:33 PM

    This two bedroom two bathroom apartment is on the market at £199,500 and is located in a hugely desirable area of West Didsbury. It is currently rented out at £1000pcm and is therefore of offering a gross yield of 6%.

    The rental market in that area ...
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  • Only 29.24% of Stockport Rented Property have Children living in them.

    Tom Simper Oct 4, 2016, 16:36 PM


    A few weeks ago I was asked a fascinating question by one of my landlords who has children of his own – “Are Stockport Landlords meeting the challenges of tenanted families bringing up their children in Stockport?”  It is certainly an interesting question to be ...

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  • Stockport savers batten down the hatches with low interest rates set to continue into the 2020's

    Tom Simper Sep 29, 2016, 14:13 PM

    sav v buy stockport

    You might ask, what has the plight of the Stockport savers to do with the Stockport Property Market … everything in fact.  Read the newspapers, and every financial wizard is stating that with the decision of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee in early ...

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  • September 2016 - South Manchester Property Market

    Tom Simper Sep 26, 2016, 08:17 AM

    South Manchester Property Market

    Three months after the Brexit referendum and there certainly has been no property market apocalypse as some had predicted. As ever, us Brits are very good at keeping calm and carrying on. Fortunately, the referendum itself was simply a pointer to change, not a change ...

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  • What will the 0.25% interest do for the Manchester property market?

    Tom Simper Sep 21, 2016, 13:18 PM


    I had an interesting chat with a Manchester landlord who owns a few properties in and around the city. He popped his head in to my office as his wife was shopping in the area (and let’s be honest talking about the Manchester Property Market ...

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  • Get to know the top restaurants in Stockport

    Ian Watson Sep 15, 2016, 11:30 AM

    Stockport sign

    Many different aspects go into making an area worth visiting or enjoyable to live in. For many people, the quality of restaurants will impact on the suitability of a location. Stockport is fortunate enough to have a number of high quality restaurants on offer and ...

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  • Historic Manchester - A visitors guide

    Ian Watson Sep 1, 2016, 11:33 AM


    As the words of Morrissey indicate; “oh Manchester, so much to answer for”, there is no denying that the cultural impact of Manchester has been a large one. However, there is also a great deal of interest in the historical aspects of Manchester. If you ...

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  • Does your house have kerb appeal?

    Ian Watson Aug 25, 2016, 12:05 PM

    While there is a lot of focus on presenting your home when you are looking to sell it or let it out, it is important to not overlook one important area of your property. You can see why the inside of your home is the ...

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  • A Landlords guide to renting in 2016

    Ian Watson Aug 25, 2016, 12:03 PM


    There are many important things for landlords to bear in mind when letting out their property but being relevant and offering a modern standard of service is crucial. If you offer an attractive and suitable service, you’ll find that tenants are happy to stay with ...

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  • 10 Interesting facts about Stockport

    Ian Watson Jul 29, 2016, 10:41 AM

    Stockport Sign

    You may say that life in Stockport is not the most glamorous or exciting but you may be surprised at the depth of history and excitement that Stockport has seen over the years. Here are 10 interesting facts about Stockport.

    Stockport sent hats around the ...

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